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Chinese Church

热诚欢迎您 Welcome You

主日崇拜 Sunday Worship


  • 时间:主日上午 10 :30 
  • Time: Sunday 10:30 am
  • 地点:都柏林浸信会联谊厅
  • Location: Dublin Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 7195 Coffman Rd, Dublin, Ohio 43017 

讲道 Sermons


“务要传道,无论得时不得时,总要专心;并用百般的忍耐,各样的教训责备人、警戒人、劝勉人。” (提摩太后书 4: 2) "preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching." (2 Timothy 4:2 ESV) 讲道集 Sermons

祷告及查经聚会 Prayer & Bible Study


祷告会 Prayer Meeting,周五晚上 7:15 pm

圣经学习 Bible Study,   周五晚上 7:45 pm

爱宴 Potluck, 每月最后的周五晚上 6:45 pm

地点: 都柏林浸信会儿童活动中心

Dublin Baptist Church Children's Wing,

7195 Coffman Rd, Dublin, Ohio 43017

见证 Testimonies



we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. 云彩集 Testimonies

团契 Fellowship



Fellowship demonstrates the love in the big family of the church. 

儿童活动 Children Program


DBC 儿童节目丰富多彩

DBC various children programs are very educational and full of fun.

青少年活动 Youth Program


DBC 学生事工组织营会、退修会、短宣、领导力培训等活动。主日崇拜上午10:45 在DBC ARC Building. DBC Student Ministry does a lot with camps, retreats, missions, leadership training, etc. Sunday worship starts at 10:45 am at ARC. 

节日庆祝 Festival Celebration


我们庆祝华人的传统节日,如春节和中秋节,以及美国的感恩节、圣诞节和复活节等。We celebrate Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. 节日庆祝集锦 Festival Celebrations

英语学习班 ESL


如果您想提高英语表达能力,欢迎参加DBC的英语班。美国老师授课中英文翻译。DBC ESL will help you to improve your English。Teachers are Americans with Chinese translation.

乒乓运动事工 Ping-Pong Ministry


身体是神的殿。欢迎参加每周二晚上7:30-9:45 在 DBC ARC 免费乒乓健身并听到福音! The body is the temple of God. Join us and hear the Gospel. Tuesdays 7:30-9:45 pm at DBC ARC Building.

社区服务 Community Service


如果您有服务社区、奉献社会的爱心,欢迎参加DBC的社区服务志愿活动。If you have a loving and caring heart for the community and look for opportunities to serve, please contact us.

牧师 Pastor


李海龙牧师出生于山东。毕业于美西南浸信会神学院,获道学硕士学位。Pastor Joshua Li was born and raised in Shandong, China. He received his Master of Divinity from SWBTS.

关于我们 About Us

使命 Mission


都柏林浸信会华人教会的使命是高举耶稣基督,遵行大诫命、 践行大使命、 广传福音、造就门徒,在都柏林及其它地区的华人中间扩展神的国度。The Mission of Dublin Baptist Chinese Church is to exalt Jesus Christ, to obey the Great Commandment, to carry out the Great Commission, to share the gospel and to make  disciples in Dublin and beyond among fellow Chinese for advancing the Kingdom of God. 

异象 Vision


都柏林浸信会华人教会是一个以基督为中心,教导圣经、传扬福音、门徒建造、荣耀主名的华人基督教会。Dublin Baptist Chinese Church is a Christ-centered, Bible-teaching, Gospel-proclaiming, Disciple-empowering, and God-glorifying Chinese Christian Church.

成长 Growth


因着主的奇异恩典和都柏林浸信会基督般的爱心支持, 都柏林浸信会华人教会起源于2018年2月25号成立的都柏林浸信会中文查经班. 来,让我们在主内一起成长!By God's amazing grace, DBCC originated from the Dublin Baptist Church Chinese Bible Study with the  support of Christlike loving heart of Dublin Baptist Church on February 25, 2018. Please come and let us grow in Christ together!

支持我们 Support Us

作为一间新成立的华人基督教会,我们非常需要您的祷告、参与、支持和鼓励。求主带领祝福都柏林浸信会华人教会忠心爱主、热心爱人、健康成长、荣神益人!如果您有感动,愿为教会奉献,请按此处奉献。您在奉献的时候,请选择 “Chinese Church Offerings”。愿神恩待赐福您!

As a new Chinese Christian church, we need your fervent prayer, participation, support and encouragement. Please pray for the Lord to bless Dublin Baptist Chinese Church to become a faithful, loving, healthy growing church to benefit others and to glorify God! If you are moved by the Holy Spirit and you would like to make a donation, you may click HERE. It will direct you to our secure online donation link, then select "Chinese Church Offerings" from the drop down options.  May God bless you abundantly!

联系我们 Contact Us

如果您有任何祷告事项或其它需要,请跟我们联系。If you have any prayer requests or other needs we could help, please feel free to contact us.

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Dublin Baptist Chinese Church

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